ECFC Begins League Play - Europa League Game #1 Recap

Greetings ECFC Fans,

On November 25th, your beloved Rooks began their first ever League Campaign, facing UNIA Chicago at Soccer City in Palatine, IL.

Edgewater Castle FC - 2 —— UNIA Chicago - 3

Goals from : Jojo Zandanga, Nermin Peskovic

Game Notes from ECFC Coaching Staff;

“Our first league game was a tough loss for the Rooks.  You could see from our form that this was our first indoor game as a group, although the longer the game lasted the better we played. The Rooks did not deserve to lose this game as it was definitely a game of missed chances for Edgewater Castle’s players.  Once our players learn the ins and outs of indoor soccer, Edgewater Castle FC will bring home positive results.  There was one standout in our team, Nermin Peskovic, scorer of our second goal showed signs of great confidence and vision, much more than that of your average 16 year old.”

Gameday Squad :  Jose Landa,  Edin Peskovic, Murthada Kamil, Mohammed Shakur, Nermin Peskovic, Gabriel Masalu, Kadin McGreevy,  Farahan Ibrahim, Habran Lopez, Juan Oropeza, Robel Gebreslassie, Jan Jafari, Jojo Zandanga, Issak Erkapic, Fahad Abdu.

Coaches: Wojtek Piotrowski, James Kitia, Stockton Mayer

We’d love to have you come out to our game next Sunday, and every Sunday this winter. GO ROOKS!

Andrew SwansonSoccer City