ECFC Continues To Improve -- Europa League Week 3 Recap

The Rooks have begun to show their true potential on the field, as they confidently defeated SC Moldova in the third week of the Europa League Campaign.

Edgewater Castle FC - 4 SC Moldova - 1

Goals Scored By; Edgar Oropeza - 1 , Isa Haji - 1, Issak Erkapic - 2

Notes from the Coaching Staff:

“Great performance today by the Rooks. We controlled the pace of the game form first to last minute of the game. I really like how we performed together as a team. Our communication, Concentration, Cohesion and Intensity were on a very high level.  This is the level we have to perform on regular basis if we want to be high in the standings at the end of the season. I was really impressed by performance of our young players. Edin Peskovic played well in is first game in goal and was very vocal. Defenders were solid in the back and also distributed ball well, midfielders took great care of the middle and attackers are finally combining with each other, but there was one man who was a professor of his position today, Juan Oropeza I really hope he can perform at this level from now on.  Future looks bright for ECFC, we just have to keep on working hard.”


Edin Peskovic, Jose Landa, Gabriel Masalu, Murthada Kamil, Nermin Peskovic, Indra Khetiwada, Carlos Landa, Farahan Ibrahim, Juan Oropeza, Yisrael Escobedo, Edgar Oropeza, Jojo Zandanga, Robel Gebreslassie, Issak Erkapic, Isa Haji