ROOKS Face First Setback In League -- Get Back To Work For 2019

ECFC suffers first defeat since match day 1 against a very aggressive SC Moldova Chicago Side. Luckily, our squad didn’t give up, and didn’t allow the game to be stolen from them. The last 15 minutes were the best our Rooks played all game.

Edgewater Castle FC - 1— 4 -  SC Moldova Chicago

Goal By: Robel Gebreslassie - 1

Coaches Notes:

“The result wasn’t great for us this week, but it doesn’t mean we were worse team today. Did we play our best game? No, we can play better. We lost but we did play better than the scoreline showed by the end of the game, so I am not worried.

I would be worried if we lost but never created scoring opportunities. We did create more than enough scoring chances to win, just like our past games, but were unable to convert. Our young squad is still not putting these chances away, which will come with more experience and games. Every team has a tough result from time to time. My main takeaway is that I believe in these guys 100% as they are working hard and are giving their all every game. We just need a little luck on our side (especially in indoor, luck is needed) as today the other team scored two goals after lucky bounces.  We have 2 weeks off from the league to get ready for next game. I am sure guys will be ready to go… Happy Holidays to our ROOKS, and the amazing fans who’ve supported us so far. Onward to a successful 2019.


Edin Peskovic, Gabriel Masalu, Nermin Peskovic, Mohammad Shukur, Murthada Kamil, Indra Khetiwada, Juan Oropeza, Isa Haji, Farahan Ibrahim, Issak Erkapic, Robel Gebreslassie, Jojo Zandanga, Fahad Abdu, Edgar Oropeza