ROOKS Outscore Opponent - Forced To Drop Win By League

Match #7 was the most exciting and intense our Rooks have played all season. Though the score was low, both teams provided exciting and tactically impressive play. In the end, our attack was able to score a second half goal to clinch the victory. While we are proud of our play yesterday, we at ECFC feel it is necessary to state that we are very disappointed that the match ended in a physical altercation between several members of both teams. We at ECFC want to make very clear that we do not condone violence of any kind on or off the pitch, and we are proud to have discussed the event with the opposing team after the match and to have resolved the tensions between our sides in person. Unfortunately, the League took action against ECFC for leaving the bench when the altercation broke out. This results in ECFC being forced to drop the win and all 3 points. It must also be stated that we in the staff do not agree with the League’s decision on this issue, as only 3 minutes were left in the match when the incident was instigated by the opposing team. It’s the hardest way to lose points, but there is likely nothing to be done to reverse this decision. Regardless of a very frustrating we, we at ECFC thank you for all your support thus far, and we look forward to more of the beautiful game in the coming weeks. Go Rooks!

*** The League Has Declared That This Game Is Forfeit — No Points Awarded — UPDATE — Continued Appeal Process***

Edgewater Castle FC - 2—1 - Thunder SC      

  Goals By; Edgar Oropeza (2)

Coaches Notes:

“This was the best game The Rooks played this season, intensity and effort wise.   Tactically, technically we were not where I want us to be, but this was due to fact that opponent played well also. Overall a great game. Both teams were going for it and it was very demanding game form physical and mental perspective. Those are the games we want, as you learn the most from tight games. I am so proud of the guys as they played for each other and with each other.  I would like to congratulate Abdul our GK today as it was his first game and he stepped up to challenge and did a great job. 

The Fight- We have video evidence that a player from the opposing team was the aggressor in this incident, but I personally think it was referees who were responsible for this situation. They allowed this situation to happen. It was a tough game, score was tight and amount of bad calls on either side pushed the scale, making tensions too high to control. I am glad everything was resolved, no one was hurt and we all talked with the opposing team in locker room. We look forward to a focused effort in next week’s match. “


Abdul Nekal, Gabriel Masalu, Carlos Landa, Indra Khetiwada, Joseph Kibala, Farahan Ibrahim, Juan Oropeza, Robel Gebreslassie, Nermin Peskovic, Edgar Oropeza, Jojo Zandanga, Issak Erkapic, Murthada Kamil, Isa Haji

Andrew Swanson