ROOKS Take All 3 Points From A Lucky Win In Week 8!

Lucky Win for Rooks! Though we have certainly played better in the bast, The Rooks were able to secure a very important 3 points. Looking toward the future, ECFC has a tough road to the playoffs, but we will be ready to walk that road, one match at a time.

Edgewater Castle Fc - 1 — 0 - Sockers FC Black

Goal By; Nermin Peskovic

Coaches Notes;

“We won the game, so congrats to guys on being able to hold on and win the game when we did

not have good performance. It shows that guys are tough. It was very lucky win. I am very disappointed

in the way that we played today. We definitely did not work together like we have been doing it the

past. It was every man for himself. There was too much dribbling and holding ball, not enough changing

point of attack… There was zero communication on the field between players, only instructions came

form bench, and that is not how it supposed to be. We Neither pressed nor defended as unit. The guys

need to understand that if we play for each other we will be creating more chances and more of them

will score goals therefore games will be easier. Everyone will enjoy themselves. Yes, I am being harsh

but I have to name things as they are. I want to point out, that I was very impressed with Fahad’s

performance today. We have one week to prepare for next game, and I hope motivation and effort will

be at highest level.”


Abdu Nekal, Gabriel Masalu, Carlos Landa, Murthada Kamil, Kadin McGreevy, Habran Lopez, Robel Gebreslassie, Isa Haji, Nermin Peskovic, Farahan Ibrahim, Jojo Zandanga, Pedro Nunez, Fahad Abdu, Issak Erkapic

Coach Wojtek & Coach James address the squad after their 1 - 0 victory.

Coach Wojtek & Coach James address the squad after their 1 - 0 victory.