ROOKS Play Well, Though Stumble Against Strong Opponent

The Rooks played their game, but couldn’t find the back of the net as a strong attack from Lightning took advantage of a few sloppy moments. ECFC’s style is beginning to emerge in a positive way, but finishing is yet again the culprit in their ability to close out victories.

Edgewater Castle FC — 0 - 3 — SAC Lightning O30

Coaches Notes;

“In the first half we played good game, unfortunately result didn’t show it, 0-2. It was same old story of our season: Missed Chances. Guys need to realize that they have to keep their shots low as these are the hardest for Goalkeeper to save. Also, I hope we get just a little bit of luck on our side so we can get those fortunate bounces going our way, as they always seem to go for the opposing team. As a squad we have some leaning to do; Especially that the referees are in charge and that their decisions are final and we have to respect that. We have been creating our own mess by talking back to referees and committing fouls that are not needed, which results in unnecessary blue and red cards which only hurts the TEAM. We are a young squad, playing our first indoor league season ever. Many of our players are faced with a lot on new situations and levels of confrontation, so we must work hard to help show that we are developing as communicators also. ECFC is certainly, and will always be a work in progress.

I am happy with the way we played for most part, we just have to keep our heads in the game and work hard for each other. This team has lots of potential and I believe and trust our players 100%. We will get there and once everything starts to click, we will have lots of success.”

Coach Wojtek Piotrowski


Jose Landa, Gabriel Masalu, Farahan Ibrahim, Mohammad Shukur, Kadin McGreevy, Joseph Kebala, Yazan Bata, Juan Oropeza, Robel Gebreslassie, Jojo Zandanga, Issak Erkapic, Edgar Oropeza, Murthada Kamil, Fahad Abdu