ROOKS Put Up Good Performance But Suffer Tough Second Half Comeback.

The Rooks were in good form for the majority of this week’s game, but yet again, weren’t able to lock down the win, and gave away a 2-0 lead at the half. More evidence is present that we have a good amount of depth.

Edgewater Castle FC -3—4 - Unia Chicago

Goals: Edgar Oropeza (2), Jojo Zandanga (1)

Coaches Notes:

Overall, the game against Unia was a good one, as we dominated first half. Unia was able to score a goal for 2-1 during power play because of our unnecessary blue card. I am happy with the amount of chances we are creating, since we could have been winning 2-0 after 5 min of play. Against this type of opponent, we have to take them all the way to the end of the game. Our defensive shape was not where I want it to be, especially the front two players, who gave Unia chance to play ball between them and this is not acceptable, because it causes our defenders out of position to cover for that mistake and spaces open up for the opponent to take advantage of them. Today they did. We have to stay compact at all times. Our third goal was scored with 2 passes because other players did their jobs and moved where they were supposed to go, which left our striker 1v1 and that is what we need. I hope guys will watch it and see how simple soccer can be. Yes, we played couple of new players today but its not an excuse because we are THE ROOKS (we all practice the same thing) and no matter who is on the field I expect them to complete their tactical tasks and to keep their effort level to 100%. I am happy that we are getting these tight matches because it clearly shows areas we have to improve. I know that the experience we are getting now will pay dividends once we play a Tournament in near future but more importantly in the Outdoor season where we will play 11v11, which all our players are more familiar with.” - Coach Wojtek Piotrowski


Jose Landa, Mohammad Shukur, Kadin McGreevy, Ricardo Luevano, Robel Gebreslassie, Farahan Ibrahim, Juan Oropeza, Yazan Bata, Yisrael Escobedo, Jojo Zandanga, Isaak Erkapic, Fahad Abdu, Edgar Oropeza, Hissein Mousa