ROOKS Set Good Pace But Lose Early Lead To End 12 Goal Game Tied 6-6.

Another tough weekend outing in Palatine. The Rooks dominated the majority of the match, but allowed too many chances and gave away easy goals defensively. Though The Rooks were able to convert lots of their own chances, they were unable to keep the game under control at both ends of the field.

Edgewater Castle FC 6-6 Sting FC

Coach’s Notes:

“The Rooks get a tie but it was not a good performance for our team. I don’t understand how senior players can have such a swing of performance quality. Against tougher opponents we perform good and against weaker opponents at least in table standings we play poorly. It must be mental preparation. Players need to realize that every game must be played at 100% because it’s 3 points for the league standings. We gave away at least 7 points this season by not finishing games that we were ahead in by at least 2 goals. This week we gave our opponent way too much space so they could get up to speed and run at our defenders - When the opposing defender is running at you it’s very hard to defend. We always have to stay tight and don’t let him control the ball and turn toward us. I hope the guys finally realize that soccer is a team sport and they will play with and for each other, as this is the only way to be successful. We have a week to prepare for next game, we have to keep going, stay focused and remain committed.”


Abdul Nekal, Mohammad Shukur, Kadin McGreevy, Murthada Kamil, Ricardo Luevano, Joseph Iraguha, Farahan Ibrahim, Robel Gebreslassie, Isa Haji, Jojo Zandanga, Yazan Bata, Nermin Peskovic, Jospeh Lovric, Fahad Abdu