ROOKS Give Away 2 points As 3-0 Lead Is Rapidly Cut To A Tie

ECFC faced tough competition on Sunday, taking on the 3rd place team. Even though the vast majority of the game showed a dominant Rooks squad, they gave away 2 points by losing grip on a 3-0 lead, ending the game with a 3-3 tie.

Edgewater Castle FC - 3—3- Jagiellonia

Goals by: Jan Jafari, Joseph Lovric, Bilsong Saidi

Coaches Notes;

“Great 37 min of the game for our ROOKS. It was good performance for us, we played with purpose, each of our players knew what to do and was fulfilling their tasks with conviction. We scored 3 very good goals and we moved the ball around making opposing team run. We scored goals with the pattern we practiced, so it is a great positive that guys are starting to implement what we learn on practice into games. I am very happy with the overall performance. I told guys before the game that this team is very experienced, resilient and they never quit. Unfortunately, we let them get into the game, they scored 3 quick goals within last 3 minutes of the game, making it 3-3 tie. I don’t want to make excuses but once we get more experience in league play, we will be able to hold on. We need leaders on the pitch who will calm guys down and dictate pace of the game. Great performances by two guys who played their first game JOSEPH LOVRIC & BILSONG SAIDI, who both scored a goal. We are finally at the point where we have good competition within squad fighting for spots on the roster each week, it will only bring more success. Looking forward to next practice because I can see how motivated the guys are, and how willing they are to work hard so that we can get a Win on Sunday.”


Jose Landa, Gabriel Masalu, Carlos Landa, Mohammad Shukur, Kadin McGreevy, Joseph Kibala, Juan Oropeza, Robel Gebreslassie, Yazan Bata, Jan Jafari, Issak Erkapic, Nermin Peskovic, Joseph Lovric, Bilsong Saidi