Rooks Draw Against RWB Adria In First Outdoor Match of 2019!

In the April of 2018, The Rooks faced their first ever, and possibly most challenging opponent when facing RWB Adria, away at their stadium in Hyde Park. Adria is known to be one of the top amateur clubs in American History, and they have seen great success in recent years as a top team in the US. Last year, they beat us 12 - 0. We made sure that we spent the last year preparing our team for the moment we met these incredible players again. We did just that and secured a tying goal in the 75th minute of play.

Edgewater Castle Fc     1- 1 Adria Chicago

Goal by; Murtadha Kamil

“Outdoor season is finally here. I can already see after couple of practices and one Friendly Game that guys are enjoying themselves as outdoor game 11v11 is what they like and excel at.  First game we tied against very good team ADRIA Chicago. Our defensive shape was good which is satisfying for me as we worked on that a lot. Opponents only created couple of good chances.   Offensively we did create a lot of chances ourselves but quality wasn’t there. Its was first game so our feel for the ball isn’t there yet. It was also very cold and you could clearly see that our players were not comfortable in this type of weather.  We gave chance to all 18 players that were picked for that game. I am happy that guys worked together, they played for EDGEWATER CASTLE FC not themselves and it worked very nice... As it was first game, we still have couple things to improve out set pieces organization, finishing and keeping ball after we win it.  This type of performance let us look forward into the season… I would like to say Thank you to ADRIA for coming out and wish them best of luck in upcoming season.”

- Coach Wojtek Piotrowski

Rooks: Jose, Edin, Carlos, Gabriel, Steven, Joseph K, Mohammad, Juan, Farahan, Robel, Daniel, Isaak, Delmar, Isa, Ricardo, Joeph L, Jojo, Murthada