Andrew Swanson

Andrew Swanson is the founder and General Manager of Edgewater Castle Football Club. With experience in Community Engagement and Arts Administration, Swanson is thrilled to enter the world of American Soccer with a fresh, creative perspective. He is the founder of Cygneture Woodworks, a small, local custom furniture company in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, as well as a co-founder and a key administrator for Jackalope Theatre Company, also located in Edgewater. 

Using strong relationships with local community organizations, small businesses and neighbors, Swanson hopes to unite all people of North Chicago around a single, local, globally representative symbol. Edgewater Castle FC was created to help provide for the communities that have been priced out of the game in our city. He is proud to represent Edgewater and honored to help bring the worlds game to more citizens of the greatest city in the world.