Our Ideology:

ECFC aims to provide all citizens of North Chicago, and all communities therein, with a high quality, highly organized and uniquely accessible soccer club experience.

ECFC is structured and designed to create as much accessibility as possible to all communities of North Chicago. As a non-profit organization, it is a crucial piece of our overall goals to serve our community as an access point to the the beautiful game with free organized community pick-up games, special club events and a unique community ownership model that gives organizational decision making power to our highly accessible community ownership group. 


ECFC is an entirely open soccer club to supporters and players alike. It is no secret that American soccer has closed itself off from an enormous pool of talent due to the crippling effects of the pay-to-play youth club model, creating even greater rifts in possibility for certain players between the age of 18 - 25. Our club is committed to never asking a single cent from any player on our squads or any parent of any player on our squads. This obviously limits the number of players we are able to place on our first team and reserve team, but we are hopeful that with further funding, we are able to provide additional club play experience to many more. 


The Pay-To-Play system doesn’t only affect club level soccer, even pick up soccer in America usually has a cost, based on field space, which, in an urban environment just isn’t cheap. Through working with local organizations and through the support of our sponsors and community ownership group, ECFC is committed to creating community co-ed pick up games and other playing opportunities for footballers of any demographic. We hope to dedicate a good deal of our energy toward ensuring that these opportunities are constant and many. 


ECFC is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. The majority of our funding is generated by our dedicated Community Ownership Group. This group of supporters, ensures that ECFC is able to commit its energy and funding not only to developing a highly competitive and accessible adult soccer team, but also to create opportunities for the young and old of our community to enjoy the beautiful game without breaking the bank to do so.